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22 oz Frog Monster Pedal Revolution Water Bottle


This is a Pedal Revolution 22oz water bottle with our custom frog monster logo art created by the artist Mike Leslie.
The bottles are the Specialized brand Purist 22z model in a moss/olive green color. The graphic is printed on one side of the bottle only.

One time a woman who didn’t speak much English brought her bicycle into the shop and through a variety of gestures she communicated to us that her bicycle was making an unusual sound. Despite her limited knowledge of the English language she was able to repeat in a strong, accent of obscure origin, “Like a Frog!” “Like a Frog!”, over and over again when attempting to describe the particular sound emitting from her bicycle. We found her quite charming and well…who doesn’t like frogs?

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Product Description

Staying hydrated has never been easier

The perfect companion for any bike ride, this is a water bottle that you’ll actually enjoy using. It even fits in a bottle cage, because we think about things like that.

  • Durable, easy-wash body
  • Pedal Revolution custom SPECIALIZED “Purist” 22 oz Water Bottle
  • Perfect for water enthusiasts and the frequently thirsty
  • Silicone lined with a MoFlo leak-proof top

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Orange - Gold, Black


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