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Pedal Revolution — A Nonprofit Bike Shop

Pedal Revolution provides employment and job training for at-risk youth in San Francisco who are taking steps to improve their lives. Pedal Revolution is a social enterprise of New Door Ventures, a nonprofit organization that helps at-risk youth in San Francisco get ready for work and life by providing jobs, job-readiness and supportive community.

Pedal Revolution is one of only a few bicycle shops in the United States providing employment, job training, and hope to young people. With the training and guidance of our professional mechanics, our youth interns help assemble new bikes and help refurbish used bikes.

Our interns also get hands-on training in sales, customer service and inventory management.


Pedal Revolution started out as a drop-in center for neighborhood youth - run by the nonprofit, Youth Industries. Meals were served at the warehouse next door and there were programs to teach job and life skills. Pedal Revolution grew out of the training that was offered at the warehouse and soon became a fully functional, real-life work environment where youth could learn new skills.

In early 2001, Pedal Revolution was transferred to New Door Ventures.

Pedal Revolution employs, trains and supports over 15 at-risk youth per year and maintains itself by selling new bicycles and accessories and providing professional repair services.

Internship Program

Pedal Revolution operates a comprehensive employment and job-training program for youth between the ages of 17 and 24. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our internships for at-risk youth, please contact Grace at 415.857.9412.

Three Ways You Can Support our Social Mission

1. Buy bikes, bike accessories and repair services at Pedal Revolution.
2. Donate your used bike (donations are tax-deductible) to Pedal Revolution.
3. Buy From New Door’s other social enterprises:
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Bicycle Store, Bike Shops, Bicycle Sale | Pedal Revolution Touring Bike Repair - SF San Francisco CA